In my work I respond to issues that are important to me and reflect on the beauty that I see in the world. I reorganize and transform sections of the human body to
re-contextualize the figure and use these abstracted beings to comment on societal norms and human behavior. I like to play in the space between reality and the absurd and often focus on human relationships with an aim to evoke a personal and emotional response. Themes of subconscious thought, hallucinations and dreaming are consistent throughout my work.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, in addition to fine art, I also work as an art director, graphic designer, photographer and film curator. I am an active artist in my community and am always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Please reach out with any questions or comments!

* FOR SALE ITEMS: please contact me at erica.russo.b@gmail.com

* Prints are available for all works and start at $40

For more of my work visit: 

ericabaptiste.com                ericabaptistephotography.com

Instagram: eb_russo_art